Treasuring Local Art

India has been avoiding garbage dumps, leading to a lot more pollution than we can ever imagine. We need to make conscious choices for better living spaces, and hence Go Native is a store where they help you shop for all your needs and wants sustainably. Go Native understands that true sustainability must begin at the source. From material-to-method and production-to-packaging, Go Native takes responsibility to ensure every step of the journey is gentle on the planet, honest to the makers and fulfilling, for those who choose to make a difference in how they consume.

 We know of quite a few brands that work on sustainability principles. One of the best examples of sustainable clothing is H&M. I believe there are many such stores who have sustainable clothing and are promoting sustainable living. Well, Go Native is an appealing concept where they not only have sustainable clothing, but also the healthiest food on their menu. Sustainable food is basically food that is safe and healthy for the body, and Go native takes care of that. They focus more on sustainable homeworkers and those who run a small business within a given space. Go Native takes these artists’ work to a common shopping cum dining place to give it an authentic, sustainable touch.

Another outlet that brings out the essence of sustainability is ‘SHE TEMPLE’ – religion of fashion. At this store, one can find hand embroidery artists. We know how the art of hand embroidery is slowly dying in India, and that we need to find ways to keep it alive in our country, exactly what ‘She Temple’ works with. The store outsources their artists – those with a first-hand embroidery experience, the ancestral artist blood that runs in these artists. This concept is about how to up-cycle old garments into brand new ones by giving them a finishing touch of hand embroidery, from those trained artisans.

 The clothing here is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen who portray the rich Indian heritage with their royal designs. We know about the problem of dumping in India, degradable or otherwise – it is a problem to look at and do something about, otherwise that leads to a lot more. India is not only about garment-waste, but also the production-waste problems we face. So when people like this come up with concepts where they up-cycle and redo garments, it’s a bliss to cherish, and heavenly, when people start to love this art form.

While we know people want new clothes for every other occasion, what happens with the old ones? This is where outlets like ‘She Temple’ come in. We got to keep the spirit of this art alive and make India a sustainable place for better yet luxurious living. While we hear of stores that up-cycle garments, we also have people who promote and support handmade art or home grown businesses that are not in the limelight, on the other hand, because fashion and lifestyle has taken a significant turn in getting all the traffic towards branded stuff. 

Get to experience the authentic touch of sustainability at ‘Go Native’ in Jayanagar, HSR layout,lavelle road, sadashivnagar, whitefield and ‘She Temple’ in Jayanagar. 


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